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Well, her oddness is just… odd.


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Most of her works are sorted to shoujo and yaoi genre, but then I believe josei or seinen should be more in fit. Girls these days seem to hardly read that kind of manga. I also don’t think a relationship between two guys and love itself are really taking any account in the matter of making her mangas stand out. She reminds me of Kusumoto Maki and her K no Souretsu in both terms of content as well as drawing style, (and somehow, very faintly though, Kaoru Fujiwara). Psychology is always hard to deal with, and these two young ladies make it even a harder subject by adding all kinds of oddness throughout their stories.

(Also, Nakamura gives me a feeling of manga in 70s and 80s. Maybe it’s either because of her drawing style, choices of background or characters’ names. I don’t read many old manga enough to figure this out.)

As far as I know there is currently no complete multi-volume manga of Nakamura available in the internet, but oneshot and ongoing-translation or raw are pretty easy to find, for which I am very grateful. Her shorts are real “short”, mostly around 10 pages, using more than just black and white ink to create effects just like Kusumoto’s, and contents focus on, well, weird state of human mind I guess. Longer works, which are usually 1-2 volumes in total, are mostly shounen ai/yaoi, easier to understand in term of events and circumstances but not characters.

What I like about Nakamura and Kusumoto’s style is that their psychological concept are not about sanity and insanity. Their characters are more like alien than human, and the cruelty, guilt and such do not create anything but oddness. You feel nothing but curiosity when reading their manga. No love, no sadness, no sympathy, nothing at all but mere curiosity about what is going to be next, how that story would end. Some other times you might feel a ghost of disgust, but it will never grow real enough as their manga is already like happening in another world anyway.

For some reasons I don’t think I would ever review any specific manga of Nakamura Asumiko, so I just drop some lines about her in general. Give some time to read her manga, it doesn’t matter whether you would like her or not, it’s just interesting to get to know her style.

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